Pamper your tresses

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Pamper your tresses.

Beauty Tips – with Nilu Vithanage

=Shining hair multiplies the beauty: Yes…without any doubt. Thus, it becomes highly significant to check the health and beauty of tresses. Wash your hair, on a regular basis, with a good-quality shampoo, and do not forget to apply conditioner, after wash. In order to prevent hair fall, it would be advisable use hair oil. Keep hair in good condition, with regular hair-cut and trimming.

= Dental health: Oral health is the inseparable part of overall beauty. So, it is necessary to maintain optimum level of hygiene by brushing twice a day. Also, do not forget to rinse your mouth after eating.

= Maintain consistent skin care routine: Proper skin care routine is very necessary to keep different types of problems aside. Early detection of skin- problems makes it easier to heal early. Visit a skin specialist if you notice any changes in your skin

= Bust the stress: Stress is one of the main culprits for dull face and pale looks. For the same reason, all health and beauty experts opine to keep stress in life to the minimum. Be an optimistic person and always try to find the solution to problems. Meditation is the best way to kill the stress. For better results, it is also advisable to attend group activities and classes. People without stress stay active and look fresh.

= Wear well-fitting clothes: Good attire automatically makes you a beautiful and confident person. Similarly, wearing clothes, according to the season, and occasion, makes you more comfortable. Adding colours of choice to selection boost your morale to next level. Contact a dressing-expert or a fashion designers, for special occasions.


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