Priyamali had eyes on selling ‘The One’ houses as well

Oct 17, 2022 03:59 pm    Views: 6961

Priyamali had eyes on selling ‘The One’ houses as well

Investigations carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has revealed that Thilini Priyamali, who is involved in a multi-billion rupee fraud by deceiving many wealthy people, was also involved in deceiving people with the promise of selling houses in “The One” building, which is considered to be a construction of the ‘Krish’ Company. 

Construction of one tower is currently underway in the two-tower building with 80 floors.

An office of the company related to the construction of the building is located in a building located at the foot of the building.

The Criminal Investigation Department states that a Thilini Priyamali’s office is also located in that building. CID investigations have revealed that she has taken money and defrauded people by claiming that she would get them houses in “The One” building.

The officers of the Criminal Investigation Department took her out of the prison at around 10 a.m. on Saturday (15) after obtaining a court order and subjected the office to a strict inspection.


The Criminal Investigation Department has taken over many documents found there as well as the security camera data to know about the people who came to that office to meet her as well as what operations she did from there.

The Criminal Investigation Department has also recorded statements from several employees who worked in Thilini Priyamali’s company office. Apart from that, the Criminal Investigation Department has taken over the mobile phones of some of them for analysis purposes.



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