The right choice for Top Model of the World

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The right choice for Top Model of the World

In all my articles, connected with our local beauty pageants, I’ve always highlighted the fact that only the BEST should be selected to represent Sri Lanka at an international event. And, the BEST should have these very important requirements – Charisma, Confidence, Eloquent Speech, and, of course, a Winning Attitude.

Brian Kerkoven, the National Director, Sri Lanka, and founder of BK Model Management, has certainly taken all this into consideration in nominating Sadani Peiris (from The Agency Sri Lanka), as Sri Lanka’s candidate for the 29th edition of Top Model of the World, which is now being held, in Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt, till March 6th.

I had a chat with Sadani Peiris, before she left for Egypt, and I need to add that she spoke very intelligently and has her mind focused on her goals.In fact, Sadani is one of the stellar young models who is making a major impact in Sri Lanka’s modelling industry.

This extremely talented 22-year-old, has taken the local modelling and fashion industry by storm, and I’m told that she has done impressive campaigns for renowned local designers, and brands, such as ANUK, Lois London, Buddhi Batiks, LOVI Sarongs, Charini, Limak by Kamil, Tharshana, Cool Planet, Arienti, Mimosa, Lolami Boutique, l’ete Indien The Label, and Nivedita Saboo (Bollywood Designer).

Furthermore, her Catwalk strides have brought her into the limelight at HSBC Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sri Lanka, and Swim Week Colombo.Her versatility in high fashion, ramp, and commercial sectors, has enabled her to build an impressive portfolio, in a very short span of time.

Sadani’s striking and extremely unique look has also evoked international interest and she has now been signed by Toabh Creative Model Management Pvt. Ltd., in India. As one reader quite rightly said: Sadani has unique features and she has also kept her natural beauty.

Toabh, by the way, is a top international modelling agency that represents international models, connecting them with leading brands, and is said to be the largest agency, in the management business, in India.

Sadani says she plans to move to Mumbai to begin her placement, where she will be exploring the commercial and high fashion sectors.

For the record, Sadani stands 5ft 9in in height and has been involved in ballet dancing, too…and as an instructress, as well.The two agencies, BK Model Management, and The Agency Sri Lanka, are working hard to bring back the title of Top Model of the World…to Sri Lanka.


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